Dealing with social anxiety isn’t easy. You have to handle yourself around people and take yourself out of some embarrassing situations. Well, all this is part of life. But here is a way you can enjoy social anxiety as well. How?

With these social anxiety memes, you’ll be able to have a good laugh and be able to relate to the situations here. Sharing these memes with a friend or other people facing the situation could help you relax and enjoy as well. Sometimes, such memes work for getting a general understanding of the social anxiety patients as well. So, whatever is your reason, you are really going to find some interesting social anxiety memes.

So, let’s share a few ones:

Study-related Social Memes:

Generally, we feel that students shouldn’t be having social anxiety because they are already surrounded by other children and teachers. But that isn’t true. Students also suffer from anxiety, and considering their position, they are quite vulnerable.

If you are a student or want to relate with your old days, this section is dedicated to you.

Find the Partner:

In this social anxiety meme, the major problem that students encounter all their lives has been highlighted. Socially anxious individuals do not like to work in groups or deal with other people, no matter how friendly others are. Every time a teacher wants the students to make groups, this is the reaction most of them show.

This walking penguin in this meme actually makes the entire thing lovely. It highlights the stranded attitude that people show in such a situation – the penguin’s walking style is actually funny, isn’t it?

If you had been showing such a reaction and you did not know that you had social anxiety before, welcome to the world of socially anxious people. This is one of the prominent signs that such individuals show.

Let us clarify one thing while discussing this social anxiety meme, i.e., getting annoyed with a few people in the class is okay. It shouldn’t be included in the social anxiety parameters. But if just the concept of group formation haunts you, then you must hear the warning signs.

General Life Attitude:

Daily life is full of situations where you’ll find the socially awkward moments that have a strong continuous impact on you. In this section of the social anxiety memes, we’ll focus on such matters to highlight how it looks, and how it feels to be in such a situation. So, let’s get going:

Call Anxiety:

Taking calls or talking on the phone isn’t something that most people like. And this is a side effect of social anxiety. In this social anxiety meme, such an attitude is highlighted.

People literally stare at the phone when it is ringing so they can reply to the caller when it stops.

There could be multiple reasons for such an attitude. The most important one is that they don’t feel comfortable talking to people even if they know them already. There is only a small group of people that can be categorized as the very small social circle, which gets the right of talking to such people on the phone. These people would be quite lucky, won’t they?

Besides, some people might find messaging a better way to frame their response, irrespective of the pressure. Similarly, understanding what is being said could be a point of tension for the socially anxious people too. So, when conversing on texts, this issue can be resolved as well. Most of all, such individuals can control their emotions, think and then reply, which isn’t possible during an audio or video call (video calls get even more frightening, don’t they?)

If you can relate to this social anxiety meme, then better to keep it with you. Sharing it would reveal your secret as this meme says it all.

Phone  Anxiety:

Another social anxiety meme that highlights the social anxiety that some folks suffer. No matter how hard you press them for calling, they won’t ever do it and would find all the reasons in the world to avoid that call. Is that you? Well, you might have your own reasons. But one thing is for sure, there would be several people who would be offended by you and such an attitude of yours’, especially if you are working in such a role.

This social anxiety meme actually reflects a serious situation but the cartoonish image and the human tendency to enjoy things when they are a thing of the past makes it interesting. We are sure, most of the socially anxious people would have smiled after reading this post, thinking this is so them.

Honestly, the purpose of sharing it here was to make you smile or to let you share with your best friends so you can laugh together.


This social anxiety meme is hilarious as well as sad. Although socially anxious people find it difficult to attend parties, even they do going for a dare is not their thing. But if to everyone’s surprise, they choose dare in the game, society doesn’t let them come over their fears and anxiousness. Unfortunately, we are a society.

If you want to see the lighter side of it, you can call it your friends joking with you and telling you how awkward it feels when you don’t react or do what others are expecting you to do in a particular situation. But on the other hand, the lack of acceptance in society actually makes the social fear true. So, you can’t blame such individuals to be socially anxious, we have made them.

An interesting thing about this meme is the thought process of this individual; don’t you mind it funny and heartbreaking at the same time?


Well, the presence of Donald Trump makes this social anxiety meme hilarious in itself. But there is more to it.

Socially anxious people are concerned at parties that they might miss something you are saying and that would be embarrassing for both parties. So, to ensure that they don’t miss anything, they start staring or maybe over focusing with some weird expressions on your face. If you’ll see them, you might get frightened as well. However, they aren’t able to realize it.

But this is how it is, the socially anxious people, if attend a party, they have to be so cautious about what they do, how they do, whom they meet, that they actually don’t have any sort of fun. We guess this is the reason they are socially anxious.

What if this happens?

Continious thinking about the situation, which might not even occur, is the trait of socially anxious people and this is portrayed in this social anxiety meme as well.

If you are a socially anxious individual, you’ll probably keep on thinking about different situations every time in your mind. Whether good or bad, you’ll create multiple scenarios of that same situation and will try to prepare yourself for every possibility. Unfortunately, at the time of encounter, none of your supposed scenarios usually occurs and it is a fairly smooth one especially when compared to the problems that you assumed in your mind, relatable?

Even if you don’t overthink in terms of multiple situations, you’ll probably reach out to the worst scenario and would believe that this is going to happen for sure. The clues might even be against what you are thinking but in the end, the anxiety would overpower you.

Canceled Plans:

Well, the trait of canceling plans is obvious for people suffering from social anxiety. Isn’t it?

Everyone is excited about meeting friends and spending time together, but socially anxious people aren’t very comfortable in planning an outing or having a fun time at a public place.

So, whenever a plan is canceled, such folks are the ones who enjoy it. Because they never wanted to go in the first place but were confused. For such individuals, canceled plans are a gift from nature where they did not have to do anything but still get the benefit.

If you are the one that behaves similarly with your friends, please don’t do that. Your friends love you and want to have some real fun with you. Give them the company and see how things come up.

The best thing about this social anxiety meme is the lovely facial expression. Cute, wicked, and excited!

Social Vegan:


Now, this is something we call a high intellect social anxiety meme. In this social anxiety meme, the intentions are quite clear. Social anxious people don’t want to meet anyone because they are vegan and can’t tolerate meat around them. All humans are meat, so actually, they don’t need anyone around.

However, this isn’t possible. You shouldn’t be isolating yourself to such a level even if you are an individual suffering from social anxiety. Keeping yourself away from people would keep on increasing your anxiety levels even with your friends and family and you’ll be left alone. So, it is better not to follow this meme literally and interact with some “meat” even if you are a social vegan. Have we created another meme here?


Festivity isn’t something that would help you come out of your social anxiety mode if you don’t want to. We are sure you’ll have multiple such instances where the event required you to mingle around but you still maintained your “loneliness.” If yes, then this meme is just for you.

Christmas is all about having fun, enjoyment, and meeting. Santa is someone to whom the entire nation looks up to and wants to have him for the visit or maybe take pictures with him (all the other stuff you could think of, also comes here). But imagine Santa saying no to everything ignoring his status and expectations that everyone else around him has.

This is what social anxiety is in the festive season. The festival demands you to be social but you can’t do that because you are afraid of people or don’t want them around. The entire spirit of the festival is destroyed.

Again, we’ll try to reinforce that there should be some times, or maybe a few selected people that you should have on your back to spend great times like festivals and other important events with them. It is one of the necessities of being human.

What do you exactly need to say?

Now, this is something amazing. See what social anxiety can do to you. This social anxiety meme has covered it very well. Nearly everyone has viewpoints, likes, dislikes about everything they see, do, or everyone they meet. But expressing all these views is not something you should expect from people suffering from a social anxiety disorder.

Such people want to limit their talk and even their interaction with the outside world with a fear that they would be judged. So, no matter how long or how strong their observation about a particular thing or scenario is they limit everything to the maximum possible condition.

This social anxiety meme actually explains it very nicely. Have a look at it again and reflect how you have been suppressing your emotions all your life because you had the fear you’ll spoil things up. It is alarming as well as disappointing. You might need some medical help when dealing with anxiety, but it is better you do, as suppressing every emotion within you won’t let you remain mentally and emotionally sound.

Summing up:

The entire purpose of sharing these social anxiety memes was to help you find out the real feelings you have been facing because of the social anxiety disorder. If you aren’t the victim of this disorder, then there would be several individuals around you facing such issues, so you’ll be able to relate with them in a better way and keep them in the loop. We wanted to address, all of this in a fun way. We hope we have done it right. Please share your opinion in the comments section below.