We are Mindset Mastership

We are Leon and Julia the two authors behind the website MindsetMastership.com. We have been writing articles and books for many years. 

About us

Here are a few notable things about us…
Here at Mindsetmastership.com we aim to find that right balance of mindfulness and mindset, so you can master your life in all its approaches. We aim to provide a one stop shop for better living.
Both authors have a background working in corporate London. We understand the difficulty to manage your life passions and pursuing your passions with the frustrations of non-meaningful work. This left us like machines and void of any real passion in our lives.
When We left our jobs to help others find solutions to their lives, we knew this pursuit was our calling, it was the right decision and we never looked back since.

From then on, we have pursued our passion for writing and having written many books on the subjects of Mindset and Mindfulness practices our books have received popular acclaim.

We continue to write within our domains and hope you also like what we have to offer.

Leon Lyons

Leon Lyons covers subjects such as mindset and practical life management change strategies.
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Julia Meadows

Julia Meadows covers spirituality and mindfulness with a practical approach to wellness living.

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