Julia Meadows

Julia Meadows is a English Best-selling Amazon author. She has a key focus on psychology within her domain of the wellness expertise.


Jules as friends affectionately know her, often say she is caring, friendly and warm. Her background has been working with clients to help raise their vibrational state, tap into their emotions and develop a deeper understanding of human connection, and eventually life fulfillment.

Yoga for Scoliosis Back Pain

Self-Compassion, Self-Love, Self-Care

Mindful Eating, Stop Overeating

Raise your Vibration

Law of Attraction

Her key focus has always been on the philosophy of mind and is a life coaching professional at Mindset Mastership.

This is her first collection of many books due for release. She has coached numerous clients in art awareness and of raising their self-esteem & physiology for success.

Jules continues to write in the English countryside in England with her husband, and two children.  She has a dog and cat which oddly seem the best of friends and can often be seen playing together in their back garden.